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Some virtues of my life. Places that I traveled though, feelings that I lived through, people that I met and colors that I saw.

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Viter. Photo

13th of June 2008

Location: Khmelnitsky, Ukraine
Music: Ariya, Bespechnyi angel
Mood: deep in thoughts
This day in: 2009

If you really like my photos and you’re really interested in my activities in this field then you’d probably like to know the following:

1) I don’t consider myself a photographer. I also don’t like when people give me that title. I deal with creativity, not simply with photos. Forever and ever. Photo is just an instrument to express my world. For example, I’m also interested in video, music and cinema.


3) I don’t like to take pictures. This is it: I simply don’t like it. However, I like the subjects of my photos. I’m impressed by the things that are captured on my photos, so I like to be close to them. That is why I like fiction photography but not the documentary style… I’ll tell you why. In my life I prefer simply enjoying beauty in all of its forms; I don’t like to be in a rush with a camera driven with the only thought of a picture. Actually, my story reminded me of a phrase from the movie “2 days in Paris”. There, a guy and a girl were traveling to Europe together. The girl complained that instead of hugging her during their walk her friend took 200 pictures and instead of kissing her on St. Peter square in Rome he took 100 more stupid pictures.
However I like to create different looks. I’m pleased when after a photo session the girl says: "Wow! Is that really me? I have never imagined myself like this..."

4)  I’ve been dealing with photography for several years. In the beginning, I was interested in underwater photography when I was living in Egypt and diving. After that I started to take photos of my female friends. It worked well and I liked it. Then I studied several courses and took master-classes from popular photographers. My current plans include development of these skills. We’ll see where it takes me later.

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