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13th of June 2008

Location: Khmelnitsky, Ukraine
This day in: 2009

I like to talk and work with different people. If you want to work with me in any role or simply to talk with me – write me or call me.

If you want to work with me as a model:
I want a portfolio. What I’m required to do for that ?
First of all, you need to contact me. If I’m interested in your look type and I’m simply interested in you as a person, and if I have time – no problem!
How much will it cost me?
To be honest, I think that charging models for photos is not for me. Anyway, usually they cannot afford the full real price of the photoshoot. That’s why I do photos for models literally for free.
What is the point?
First, this is not my primary income source. Second, I think that it is more correct to make profit from production of advertisement photos and also give the model an opportunity to make her own money too. Well, you actually will need to pay stylist and designer services. Not all the people are as altruists as I am :)

I’m a guy. I also want to try myself as a model. Is it possible?
In most of the cases I don’t work with males. Well, the exception can be made if you have a girl for couple photography. Another exception can be made if you are a singer, athlete etc. In this case I’d be interested to work with you.

If you want to work with me as a designer/stylist/ visagist/assistant and etc.:
Awesome! Contact me, and we’ll have a discussion on that.

If you want to order commercial or advertisement session:
OK. First, I won’t take photos of boring products. In general, money is a secondary point of the deal. On the other hand, even if you have limited budget but an interesting product/merchandise or you simply want something creative, then you are headed to the right address (me).

If you want to order the service of picture taking of:
A wedding, children, a family portrait, entire assortment of your factory production… I won’t do that. However, I can give references to photographers who will take such orders.

Where sessions are made:
The answer is very simple: everywhere where the wind blows :). My studio is in Khmelnitskiy, Urkaine. Sessions were also made in other cities of Urkaine, Russia, Egypt, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cuba and other places. Invite me and I’ll come to you.

I don’t work with people who I’m not interested in. Even for money. Never.

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Lisber Guerrero, Santo Domingo, La Republica Dominicana
Considero que eres una persona super profesional, que sabe hacer su trabajo de forma eficiente.
Trabajar contigo fue una grata experiencia, ya que, eres todo un maestro en la fotografía. Si se me presenta la oportunidad de trabajar junto a ti otra vez, lo haría sin pensarlo dos veces.
Como todas las personas me han dicho y yo he podido apreciar, las fotos estan perfectas.
Muchos abrazos para ti!!!

Buena suerte en los demas paises!!!

Maria Mercedes Duran, La Republica Dominicana
Me encanto posar para tu lente fotografico, eres un excelente profesional. Gracias por haberme dado la oportunidad de posar para ti.
Espero en un futuro no muy lejano volver a trabajar contigo.
Muchas bendiciones para ti.
Te deseo lo mejor de lo mejor.
Besos y abrazos.