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Places I lived at

9th of October 2008

Mood: Sunny

I was digging my old archives and found several nice photos today. I actually made an interesting collection using them :)

These are the places I used to live: from $2/night in Cambodia to $500/night in Bangkok. Each of these places reminds me something or someone…

I love hammocks :)

Anjuna. I came there right before the New Year (2007 I believe). Couldn't find anything better than this shed.

The same shed. Rats were running on its walls, and I was afraid of one of them would fall on me during my sleep. BTW, they ate my tooth brush :)


Arambol. View from my window.

Bangkok. President’s suite: jacuzzi, sauna, working cabinet, huge plasma screen, luxury bedroom.

Green reptile lived in the sink:) that's because it was hot outside. Well, I had to kick it out every morning in order to brush my teeth :)

To be continued...

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