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Lost Friday

12th of April 2009

Location: Sindey, Australia
Mood: heavy jet leg
This day in: 2010

It took me 35 hours to get to Sidney from Brazil... There were 4 flights and 5 airports… more than 20 thousand kilometers… half of the Earth…

I departed in the morning of April 9, Thursday, Brazil time. And I arrived in the morning of April 11, Saturday, Australian time… According to my calculations the whole journey should take about 2 days but it turned to be 3 calendar day… Friday is missing… Does anybody know what happened to it? :)

I’m suffering very heavy jet lag and cultural shock right now… The time difference between Australia and Brazil is 11 hours so everything is turned upside-down… I feel myself lost in space and time… They say “good morning” and I feel like it’s a deep night…

Everybody around is speaking English… I’m still thinking Spanish and say to everyone “Si, gracias” and so on… There are tons of gringo faces instead of darling faces of Latinos and Indians… There are even more physiognomies of Asians, Chinese, Japanese and Arabs… I don’t like that at all…

The worst thing is that they have right-handed traffic here… I have still not learned the side I should look first when I cross a street… So I have to twist my head to all the sides at once…

Electrical outlets are pretty weird here… They aren’t like the ones in Europe, Asia and even America… Everything is different here :)

Oh, there were no kangaroos on the streets :) That made me upset :))))

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