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23rd of November 2008

Location: 8th floor
Music: a ticket for a plane with a silver wing (a line from song by Kino band)...
Mood: Looking forward...
This day in: 2009

I spent long hours to make a final decision. I actually was waiting for a sign. Well, I got it :) That was a phrase from the book by Alexander Green.

Decision is made: I’m writing a book and going to circumnavigate the planet. Right now!
In few hours I’m flying to Madrid. Then I’ll go to Santo Domingo island of Hispanola. The next stops will be made at the places of fame of the well-known freebooters: the islands of Tortuga, Barbados, and others. My plans include scuba diving to the sunken Spanish gold galleons. Then I want to go to Jamaica, which is the country of reggae, waterfalls, mystery, and all-the-other-known-things :) After the visit to Jamaica I’m going to Liberty Island. I want to have one more experience of the old narrow streets of Habana and take cool mojito in my favorite bar of Hemingway. Cuba! Mi amor! I promised I’d be back!

Then I’ll move to South America and start my land journey. I plan to cross the whole continent starting from the North and ending on the cape of Gorn. During this journey I want to experience the magic of Peru, Machu Picchu, mysterious ceremony of Ayahuasca, see the Galapagoss turtles, heart of Amazon river, meet Don Juan, cross of the equator, and visit El Dorado, Andes, Rio favelas...  By February I should be in Rio-de-Janeiro. That’s exactly when the carnival starts :) From the cape of Gorn I want to cross Magellan channel and watch the courtships of whales from the island of Terra de Fuego.

After that I leave those places and cross the Pacific in order to get to Indonesia. The next stop will be made in Thailand where I want to meet some of my old friends. Thailand is followed by India. Yes, India baby! I couldn’t ignore this country :). After I leave India, I go to my “Big Land” (Ukraine) :). Thus, I’ll make World round trip :)!

I’ll collect materials for my book during my journey. Inshallah, the book will be ready by the time I’m back. One of the good reasons for that is the fact that I have a preliminary agreement with a publishing house in London.

I have a favor to ask to all the readers of my blog. If you have any information about the countries and places I named above, please share it with me :). Any contacts in those countries will be priceless. Oh, yes! People are more than welcome to join my journey at any convenient point :)

I plan to run my online blog as far as I have an access for that. So sign up for news if you are interested in my travel. Last but not least: please wish me good luck. I will need it very badly…

“Sooner or later, when we are old or when we are young, the Unfulfilled calls us and we turn back to find and catch that call. Having that passion, we wake up in the middle of our world and heavily bethink. We start to value each day, take a deep look into each component of what is called Life, and try to discern whether the Unfulfilled has already been started to be fulfilled.”

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nagora, Khmelnitskiy
The best of luck!!!
You deserve that. I am proud of you.

Thanks. It makes me happy to hear such words from my Teacher.

sonrisa, Khmelnitsky
Voy a echarte de menos, amigo mio :(((((
Suerte y buen viaje! No me olvides:)))

Masha, Khmelnitsky
I know for sure that you'll have great pleasure wondering these places and find what you're longing for! Good luck our Viter! We'll wait for your returning and for your new thrilling book!

thanks:) stay tuned:)

molcvika, odessa
...there is more to come... :)

, Khmelnitskiy
Hey Viter:))) Dont know if u remember me - but few years ago - we have met a few times:))) Glad to hear - that you went to your dream:))) good luck:)))

Max, Dnepropetrovsk
I'm glad that you're following your dreams :) And some day our roads may cross.