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Interesting observations

1st of May 2009

Location: Srinagar
Music: Solnce svetit I rastet trava (sun is shining, and the grass is growing)...
Mood: feel like home

Some weird stuff has happened lately. I started to notice increased women attention on me.

Yeah, Slavic girls have liked me :) Well, that’s easy to explain. The attention by Dominican and Cuban ladies was explained more by my cash not by my personality. However, I couldn’t fine the reason for the attention from Brazilian ladies. I have to say by that time my clothes were pretty worn so I couldn’t make an impression of a rich guy. My appearance actually was similar to the ones of glorious Brazilian guys. Oh, I also said I was from Argentina, and they treated it like a lower-status country.

However, my amazement could not be measured when I realized an interest from European ladies in Bangkok!!! I had never been popular among that kind of women!!! Well, I also didn’t have too much experience of talking to them since I just didn’t like that type of women. Those who live in Europe or the US know all their law suits, emancipation, sexual harassment, and shit like that…

I have to emphasize, that I do zero activity to attract the attention… Those who know the stuff: maybe that’s exactly the thing called "seduction without seduction"? Any ideas?

P.S. One more observation. Although I look like a homeless guy I have no problems to be let in decent restaurants with “face and dress control” notification… I guess, there’s “something” inside me…

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Anna, Florida
u nenya vse naoborot, ya pro muzchin))) v ispanii otbivaus', v britanii-skuchno))
Znachit-Progress! tebe povezlo-harizma poperla)))