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In the rhythm of big city

9th of July 2008

Location: Arbat, Moscow, Drova
Mood: deadly exhausted

I’m in Moscow. The city greeted me with cold blowing wind, troubles with accommodation, traffic jams and noises of a big city.

I had really been fucking my brain out for the first 3 days :) because I had to wake up at 7 am and spend 1 hour for transportation by train to reach the opposite side of the city. This is a true challenge for a human beings who are used to sleep a lot :). Here I usually come back to my place very late so I don’t even have time or energy for going out to eat something. During my trip to Moscow I was naïve with my great plans for the leisure time. Now I realized that I don’t have any free time. The only minutes rest are wasted either to eat or to take a nap. Still there’s no time for being weak…  we shall overcome!

Here’s my promised phone number: +7 926 125 8866

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