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February 5th

5th of February 2011

Location: Cairo
Music: shots outside the room
This day in: 2009

Viter’s comment via telephone.

I’m in Cairo, right in the epicenter of the whole thing. The city is under martial law with all its components: curfew and tanks instead of public transport. Barricades are 50 meters from each other. It is not possible to pass the city on ground transport because white people are pulled out of the vehicles. I’m alone in the hotel with the shutters closed. Couple minutes ago policemen came to make search, check my documents, and wish me happy birthday)). There was a firefight outside at night. Yesterday the locals pulled me out of my cab and brought me to the police station. I spent the part of the night trying to prove that I wasn’t a spy. Before that happened military guys broke one of my cameras. I’ll try to get out of here tomorrow. Take a shot for me and wish me good luck.

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Sasha, bBerlin
Happy Birthday!

sonrisa, Хм
Feliz cumpleaños, amigo))))) Que toda tu vida sea llena de aventuras, pero solamente buenas)))) Salud, suerte y amor!

CurlySun, Хмель
Happy Birthday!!Good luck!!

Nagora, Khmelnitskyi
Happy BIrthday!!! Take care.
{{{{WARM HUG}}}}