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Came back. Alive.

10th of February 2011

Location: Wind's Place
Mood: reload

I’m back from Cairo. I’m alive and safe. I was lucky to save all of my technical equipment.

Thanks to everybody for your wishes on my birthday. Special thanks to those who took a shot for me that day… I believe that all of your energy and wishes saved me that day. During my stay in Cairo I said goodbye to my life several times. I learned 4 new Arabic words: revolution, peace, freedom and fire. I build new skills and got used not to panic because of the distant shots. My ears constantly listen to the sounds of peace, where there aren’t any tank engines or screams of how angry crowd. My eyes constantly stared at the different faces with an attempt to find disguised policemen and to understand whether I see an ally or an enemy with a machete. My body learned to take cover once I hear shots closely. My brain learned to think and analyze situation faster. My heart learned to respect my Egyptians brothers.

I’ll write a separate report on my Cairo events experience in detail soon. While I work on it, you can watch the video. (Warning: explicit lyrics ))

Разместить в ЖЖ

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