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Some virtues of my life. Places that I traveled though, feelings that I lived through, people that I met and colors that I saw.

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The never ending Journey

11th of May 2009

Location: Khmelnitsky
Music: Roberto Carlos
Mood: , Look, a sailing ship entered the harbor, so Im ready for another trip

Magellan did it, and I did it!6-hour Deli-Kiev flight finished my around the world circle

Beyond my back there are half a year wandering and about 60 thousand kilometers that I walked, swam, flied, and felt… Inside those kilometers there are dozens of People and Places meetings with whom I made my Journey… I passed the mountains, crossed rivers and ocean. I suffered cold and deprivation. I could overcome different borders…

Now I look at the globe and clearly see the line: Ukraine-Spain-Dominican Republic-Jamaica-Cuba-Panama-Ecuador-Peru-Bolivia-Brazil-Argentine-Chile-New Zealand-Thailand-India-Ukraine… And I see the guy in ruined jeans and sailor’s shirt. He is walking down the Malaccan in Habana, jumping the puddles of the salt lake in Bolivia, going down the Amazon river on a boat, or riding a rickshaw in India…

My Journey was tough, and there were moments of doubt in my power to finish it. However, there was no moment I regret I had went to the Journey. The guy who started it is not back. There’s another one. That one found his way, his religion, and his home. He didn’t find his woman.

My first around the world trip is finished. However, that’s not the end of the Journey… Life is the around the world journey with no end… The never ending journey... The never ending story...

I have several months to take a rest and then go to the South Pole and Patagonia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq, Oceania islands, and Gobi desert in Mongolia… the never ending...

P.S. Thank you all who read me. It wouldn’t be that interesting without you!

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Roman, Austria

nagora, Khmelnitskiy
Happy to read you again. Happy you are back. Looking forward to seeing you somehow. Let me know when you have a tiny time.