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31st of January 2009

Location: among friends on the equator
Mood: homlike & happy :)

My dear friends, please do me a favor and respond here those who have already received a post card from me.
I’m very curious about the percentage of the cards that were delivered to the recipients :) Please, don’t be lazy. Remember that I wasn’t lazy when I was sending it you :). Please, include the where from I sent it you and your own country!

It’ll be more awesome if you take a picture of the place where you store it! I’ll post those pics here :)
I’ll send a gift to the owner of the most original photo :). Though, I haven’t decided what that gift will be :)

This postcard is in Germany

This one in Lithuania

This one is in Ukraine

In Ukraine as well

In Kiev

In Austria

In Kiev

In Armenia

Near Moscow

In Moscow

This one is in Moscow too, it makes happy one nice girl and her cat :)

In Smolensk

This one rides in Nissan Navara :)

This one hangs in Moscow

This one is in Ukraine, at one cool programmer's place. He actually made my website:))))

In Kazakhstan's capital

In Orenburg

No idea where this one is :)

This one hangs on the fridge don't remember where exactly :)

This one is at the home of one great designer

This one is at one small ukrainian city, I like this pic so much :)))

In Rostov

On the wall at Latvia

Riga's radio station

At the oilfield

In Italia

People! Please write the country you got the card from and your city!!!

Разместить в ЖЖ

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nagora, Khmelnitsky
I've got it in January, in 20th. It made my day like you've been doing all the time while reading your postings and chatting online. {{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}

sunshine, Ternopil
Hi! I have got it to! Very nice and inspiring!!! :)

demi, Khmelnitsky
Hei, Mann, es war einfach super, ich hab dran nicht geglaubt und da ruft meine Schwester an und sagt: Hast du Freunde in Dominicana? Was? - sag ich. Und dann vestehe ich - der Wind, der hat keine Grenze... Die Ungeschehene ruft dich mit.

Roman, Austria
Yesss mannnnnnnnnn.......

Olga, UK
Hi! I just received your card from Bolivia. Thanks :)
I promise to attach a photo of the card later on.

(Olga from Egypt-UK)

Alincho, Armenia
Finally. Got one from Brasil. Corcovado. I can hear Bossa Nova playing softly when I look at it.
Thanks, XOXO.

Лиза, Волшебство
Недавно получила открытку от Вас. Спасибо Вам большое. Я ее с нетерпением ждала. И день, когда открытка пришла, был наполнен позитивными эмоциями и радостью.

Есть в этом всем что-то волшебное и за это спасибо Вам, Витэр.

Желаю Вам успехов, радости и замечательных путешествий!