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Some virtues of my life. Places that I traveled though, feelings that I lived through, people that I met and colors that I saw.

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Looking for a job

1st of April 2009

Location: Brazil

Due to the world being fucked up crisis I have to find additional income sources ASAP. So I’m looking for a job!

Please, assist me with a highly rewarded job search. I’ll give my first salary to the mediator.

Education: 3 higher ones. Have degrees in European and US universities.

Foreign languages: more than 5

Special skills: First aid at water and land, Erickson's hypnosis, weapons usage, different transport driver skills, strong communication skills, explorer

Knowledge: Information systems, many countries’ checkpoints house rules, mentality of different nations, wooded and rural area combat tactics, psychoactive substances and gems.

Experience: wild area survival, special control zones passing, communication with government security agents of many countries, delivery of all kinds of goods, people search, astral relocation, women seduction

Connections: Middle East, South-Eastern Asia, Europe, USA, and the countries of the Andean treaty

Characteristics: entrepreneurial, Nordic nature, single

Specialties: due to specific appearance able to act as if a local of Latin-American or Arabic countries. Plus Europe, CIS, and India

Convictions: None. Always lucky.

Weaknesses: Women and Scrooge McDuck cartoons

Favorite books: “Art of war” by Sun Tzu, “Memoirs” by Cazanova Giacomo Giovanni

P.S. Do not offer marketing! :)

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sunshine, Ternopil
The best picture ever! Now I kinda understand all of those girls around the world :)


Lil, Germany
:))))))))) dajte 2!!!!

чего именно:)?