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26th of April 2009

Location: Barlamphu
Music: Kino, Gruppa krovi
Mood: road again

Appearance change came to my mind. The Guy is the one who realizes what he wants :)

So I was walking down Coasan when a random transsexual grabbed me by ass hand and said “Mister, let’s make Bob Marley from you!” It thought about it for a while and accepted the offer! I just asked not to paw over me :) They gave me a seat on a backless stool. Two more transsexual “girls” joined the first one and started to pull my hair! I was screaming very loud! That was really painful! And they didn’t give a fuck :) They tormented me for an hour! I literally lost my fucking mind was surprised when I saw myself in the mirror :) I was looking like a predator from the movie :)

I couldn’t sleep for the whole night since it was kinda uncomfortable to do that with the fuck on my head :) Now I’m curious about the way I should wash my head…

I made the pic using my web-camera built in to my macbook. So the quality is low :(((

I’m leaving to my beloved India tomorrow! I will fly to Deli first, and then I’ll move to the capital of separatist Kashmir – Srinagar on the Pakistani border. Here’s an issue: I have only one available sheet in my passport. That sucks since that’s a new passport… fuck…

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carolina, Москва
very nice hair-do!=) You are going to India? Great! I`m waiting for your photos=)