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Goodbye America...

9th of April 2009

Location: Santiago, Chile
Music: Roberto Carlos
Mood: time to say goodbye...
This day in: 2011

Today is my last night in South America… Damn, I just realized that… That made me really sad… Feels like I have lived my whole life on the island among the mulattoes or in the mountains and jungles among Quechua tribes… And now the whole world I lived, the world of my learning, the world of my love is going to melt…

Listening to Roberto Carlos… Feeling really sad… Spanish became my native language but I won’t have anyone to speak it tomorrow… There won’t be anyone to speak even Portuguese that I just started to learn… I will be “mister”, “man”, “buddy” instead of “amigo”, “chico”, “senor” tomorrow… My time zone will be ahead the European one instead of lagging behind… I don’t want to leave… feeling really sad… sad… sad…

I say: Thank you America!

For warming me with your Sun

For showing me severe temper of your mountains

For your cooling oceans

For the stars shined so brightly at night

For your children made me glad by their songs

For gifting the love of your women

For sending me Friends at the toughest minutes

For showing me the Way to the light

For sending me the difficulties I overcame

For helping me to meet True People

For all your roads that were so amazing…

America… you could be the place I would call my Home…

Australia is ahead… Tell me about Australia…

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